Enjoying the Transformer toy

I posted about my Tito Mej’s gift for me last Christmas but I failed to mention that the gift was from him and his girlfriend, my Ninang Leah. (It was actually mommy’s fault, heheh). So, I would like to say “thank you Ninang Leah for the gift! I miss you!”

I didn’t post the actual picture of it so here it is.

transformer toy

I still love playing with the toy and just look at my face while looking at it. It is called Autobot Ark, it is a spaceship that converts to a battle ready space station. There’s a light, there’s a sound and there’s a small transformer robot inside.

transformer toy

Toy Stories: Gift from my Tito Mej

My mother’s brother, Tito Mej didn’t spend the Christmas at home. He arrived at our home on Tuesday night, I was wearing my pajamas already ready for bed. He handed me a bag of full of McDonald’s Toys, I already have most of them, but one toy stand out, it is from the movie Rio. He said, those are his gifts to me, I don’t mind at all because he already bought me a local transformer toys. I was still thankful for the toys.


He went out again and returned with his “real gift” for me and I was so excited to open it and even more excited when I saw the gift inside.


See that smile in my face?

Thanks Tito Mej!!!

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On a final note, I am thinking of reviving my weekly meme, Daddy and Me, and I still want to run it every Wednesday. I know not all of mommy can join this meme, but still you can, if you have a “father” in your family, it can be your kid’s grandfather, or uncle, or someone he/she looks up to as father. Do you think it would be a good idea to re-start this meme? Do you think someone would join?