Celebrating United Nations

Every 24th day of October, different countries celebrate the United Nations Day including the Philippines. Schools would prepare for this big event; students usually wear different national costumes of different countries. This year, the school of my son has this theme: Peace and Unity to Everyone.

UN celebration

The school management encouraged each student to be creative with the costumes; it doesn’t have to be expensive and can even reuse a costume that was used last year. So, my son reused his costume last year which is for Vietnam.

Mr. Vietnam

He still looks confident and happy with his costumes and I’m proud of him. One of the costumes that caught my eye is the costume of his classmate, who is representing the Philippines.

Philippines costume

Mommy Marose

Projects at School

There have been a lot of days wherein classes were suspended. Because of the bad weather school officials are forced to suspend their classes even if it will affect the school’s calendar of activities. Because of these, lessons of the students are affected. Some schools would mandate their students to come to school on Saturdays to keep up with the days lost but some schools would just give special projects to their students like writing research paper or giving them long tests.

In the case of my son who is in Grade 2, their school didn’t extend their school days to Saturdays instead they gave them different projects in each subject. Aside from that, their teachers gave them a contract form wherein they need to do several activities at their books and they set a deadline for it. Students who will be able to do the activities early would receive an additional grade. I have been guiding my son with his projects and activities so he could keep up with his classmates, good thing he doesn’t need to know on how to do a research paper yet, but I know soon, I have to teach him that also.

How about you, what activities did your kids have to keep up with the lost days because of our bad weather?

Finding Top School

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No Uniform Yet

Our school requires us to wear our daily school uniform from Monday to Wednesday. On Thursdays, students will wear casual clothes or it’s what we call Wash Day. That’s why today, all of my classmates are also wearing casual clothes. On Fridays, we are required to wear PE Uniform. While me, I get to wear casual clothes everyday. Why? It’s because until now I don’t have a uniform. Mommy already asked when I can have my uniform but the one in charge is not sure when because they have problems with their supplier. They have transferred to another dress maker to do our uniforms. But PE Uniform will be delivered on the first week of June. I do hope that I can wear the school uniform soon.

In the meantime, here’s my picture wearing my old uniform when I was in Kinder at Chrisaira Learning School in Quezon City. I miss wearing uniforms. All of my classmates now have uniform. But still, I enjoy school everyday. I just told my mommy that I like my school better than the old because I don’t have “makulit” na classmate. “Hindi ako nahahawa. hahaha.

It’s me,

Ready for School!

Yesterday was the first day of  School for me. This is not my first time to go to school, but I am new to this school, Metapelet de San Antonio Montessori School that’s why I am wearing civilian clothes and not the school uniform yet. My class starts at 7: 30 in the morning and ends at 10. My mom wakes me up at around 6:45, so early :D, that’s why I sleep early at night. I miss my old school and classmates but at the same time I am excited to go to my new school. Unlike my old school, my new school have different rooms or area. There are computer and music room, math area, science area, art area and of course the play area! Since, yesterday was our first day, our teacher let us play at the play area. Yipee! But of course I am also excited to learn new things especially on art, I always ask my mommy, when will I use my water color. hehe. :D. Bye for now!

It’s me,