Back to School

Today is the first day of classes for my son and my youngest brother. They are studying in the same school, my son on Grade 1 while my brother on Second year High School. My two other younger brothers are already in college, one studying in Batangas the other one in Rizal. Their course is related to business, they didn’t choose a course that is related to medicine. But medical courses are really in demand and for sure these students might need scrubs for their uniform. For those who are in the medical field this link might be helpful

The site is about nursing uniforms for both male and female.  Their prices are affordable and for sure if students would get their clothes from this site they would be able to save some money/ There are a lot of designs to choose from and even scrubs for kids are available, for those who want to dress up like mom and dad. Other items like lab coat, hats are available to and the designs are really fashionable. So, if you are looking for a fashionable uniforms and yet fits your budget, this site would be the best for you.

Quotes to share

Maya Angelou also known as Marguerite Ann Johnson is an American author and poet. Her autobiographical books are very popular especially the book titled I know Why the Caged Bird Sings which tells about the first seventeen years of her life. It gave her international recognition. There are also a lot of Maya Angelou quotes which are very inspirational and talks about life, relationship, family, love and other topics. Here is one quote that I will leave to you. “We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.”

FB Games

Do you like playing Facebook games like Café world, Farmville or Cityville? I for one is playing Café world and Farmville, I usually play it in the morning when I wake up so it would load fast. The problem is sometimes the gifts on the feeds are already claimed by other players so I don’t usually get those limited gifts. This is what giftauto program is all about. It accepts Facebook gift requests and automatically gifts it back. I am thinking of trying this program myself so that I won’t miss any gifts even when I am away.

Dream House

Have you ever imagine yourself owning a house in Atlanta? Having a dream house in a place as beautiful as Atlanta would be so wonderful! Building a house there won’t be a problem because finding an interior design atlanta is easy. Some companies have website that can give you information about the company and the experienced team that will take care of the interior designs. There is nothing wrong in thinking of owning your dream house. Working for it to come true is another story. :D :D

Weekend Blog Follower Caravan #8

Welcome to the my son’s little place in the internet called The Adventure Little Prince. This is my second time to participate in Weekend Blog Follower Caravan. This week’s caravan is a repost of Weekend Blog Follower Caravan #7. It has over 120 participants, it would be fun and exciting to see, visit and follow new blogs and meet other bloggers.

Thank you for visiting and following me here and I will surely visit and follow you back. To join WBFC just click the badge above and discover new blogs and meet new friends in the blogosphere.

Busy Members

Aside from working on a project based job I am also a member of network marketing company, wherein I visit the office to bring guests at least once a week. This networking company is already getting big. There are a lot of members and guests every time I go to the office. I see professionals young and old, students, men and women who are wearing nursing scrubs or casual shirts, members are just from different age brackets and backgrounds.

It’s really nice to see people wearing nursing uniforms, they are really proud of their course or profession. Studying this course might be expensive that’s why I know some of them would want to know where to buy cheap scrubs. Good thing there are a lot of companies now who have their own website to promote their products. Consumers can just visit the site and browse to look for what they need and what fits in their budget. With the members being busy with their studies and work plus being busy with the networking business and their products, these of websites can really be helpful.

Mommy Marose


Our means of transportation is motorcycle. My husband would drive the motorcycle when going to work. That’s having sunglasses is really important for him. It would protect his eyes from heat and dirt. He likes looking for different types of sunglasses, even branded products like D & G sunglasses. This can really be expensive but good thing I found this website wherein I can buy the best branded sunglasses at very affordable prices . The best thing about the site is that they have end of season sale. Products can be bought at 50% off. This is a very good deal who wants to have a designer glasses and at the same time save some money.

Watching Movies

Watching movies in the theater can be expensive that’s why we miss watching a lot of movies. We would just wait that it would be available in DVD tapes. Good thing, I found a site wherein we can watch online free movies. Aside from that they also have a collection of TV shows and cartoons for my kiddo. So, if ever I missed watching my favorite foreign show, I can just go to the site and look for the episode. This site also gives movies and tv shows reviews so new visitors can have an idea if the show or movie would be worth their time. For sure, I will visit this site again to sit back, relax and watch a movie.

What he wants to be

I often ask my son what he wants to be when he grows up. Usually, the answer would be, he wants to build houses and buildings. I think, he wants to be an engineer or architect someday. But sometimes when we are watching TV and he see and hear the news anchors and reporters he would tell me that he also wants to be like that. Sometimes, he would also ask me how they do a film or a show. I can see that he is also interested with mass communication which is one of the required courses if he wants a profession connected with news, TV, video and other media. This can be a good profession but getting in would be difficult also. A high quality education background would be a good tool to be successful in this industry. Whatever course my son wants in the near future, I would be very happy to support him.

Mommy Marose

PR 2 for the Little Prince

The Adventurous Little Prince is nine months old blog and finally it gained a PR.

I know I don’t update this blog as often as I need but I am so happy and thankful that it has now a PR 2. I guess I better start working now because I don’t want to miss all the opportunities that this blog will have. I still need more posts so that I can apply this to PayU and that means I need more ideas to come so that I will have something to write in here. I also need a reliable internet service or I will have to be patient with my current provider because I am still in the lock in period. But what I really need now is time management, so I would be able to juggle my home chores and my other online activities.

Congratulations to all bloggers who was able to achieve a higher Page rank!

Mommy Marose