I grew up without a father but I was still surrounded with lots of men in our house because we treat them as our “brothers.” Some of them are my Godfathers but others are close family friends. I don’t even have sisters, only 4 brothers. Now, my child is also a boy. Finding clothes for him can be easy and difficult at the same time. There are just a few choices, like t-shirt, polo shirts or polo, then pants or shorts but finding something that would make the clothes stand out can be difficult. Toys can be easy too, because they usually like heroes or cars which are very common.

But when the boy grows up and become a man, his hobby might change and could be expensive. Some man would like to have collector’s item of different things. Some are into outdoor activities, like mountain climbing or hunting. This can be expensive because aside from buying a .22 shortammo, they might also need something like rcbs the grand mounting plate. But this activity is full of challenge that’s why big boys are into this hobby. Others who are not into this kind of hobby resort in sports. Boxing, football and basketball are on the top list. Just like my husband who likes basketball.

As of now, my son just likes playing PS2 or computer games and some child games. He is quite active too because he likes playing with his cousins. I just hope when he grows up he would be sports minded like his father. Having sports is really good and healthy. He can be a basketball player or a swimmer or whatever he wants, I will just support him.