Celebrating United Nations

Every 24th day of October, different countries celebrate the United Nations Day including the Philippines. Schools would prepare for this big event; students usually wear different national costumes of different countries. This year, the school of my son has this theme: Peace and Unity to Everyone.

UN celebration

The school management encouraged each student to be creative with the costumes; it doesn’t have to be expensive and can even reuse a costume that was used last year. So, my son reused his costume last year which is for Vietnam.

Mr. Vietnam

He still looks confident and happy with his costumes and I’m proud of him. One of the costumes that caught my eye is the costume of his classmate, who is representing the Philippines.

Philippines costume

Mommy Marose

Dancing for the Lord

My son (the one wearing longs sleeves shirt) joined the Dance Ministry of The Pasig Feast. The community where we go every Sunday for mass and worship. It’s the second Sunday that he danced and though he is not that good yet I still enjoy watching him dance with the group. He is the youngest among the group and he serves as an inspiration to the kids that they can dance also. This song was not included in the practice, the group didn’t know that it would be included that Sunday but as they dance it seems they know the steps after all. I would refer this dance as impromptu dance. Congratulations to the group for pulling a nice dance! And I hope my son would be a better dancer in the future.

Kids In Doodles: Clown’s Side Kick

Not like other kids, I am not afraid of clowns. They are part of every kid’s birthday celebration at my Daddy’s hometown. Even when I celebrated my first birthday, clowns are my guests. That’s why when I attended my classmate’s seventh birthday I volunteered as his “side kick” together with another kid when the clown asked for a volunteer.


JJ with clown


This was just a classic act wherein water would come out from the other openings of the body without getting wet. Like, water getting out of my ear while the other kid is pumping my hand. It was fun! My classmates and other guests were laughing so hard.


clown side kick


kids in doodles

Kids’ Style: Sto. Nino Fiesta in Baesa

Every third Sunday of January marks the feast of Sto. Nino and in Baesa, my father’s hometown, part of the tradition is having a “sagala” or “santacruzan” wherein the little boys and girls would dress up nicely then would parade in the streets of the barangay. I am the only little boy in the family, all of my first cousins are girls


cousins at sto. nino fiesta

Here’s a better view of the dress that we wear on that occasion together with my grand mother.


sto. nino fiesta dress

And here’s my solo, actually I’ve used this barong last year and that time it was a little big for me but yesterday it fits me very well.

jerome james in barong


Daddy and Me: At Greenhills

I will try to revive my Daddy and Me Meme every Wednesday, I hope you will join. You can post pictures of your son or daughter together with their Daddy or with the man of their life, he may be their grandfather, uncle, or anybody that he looks up to as father, even with our God the father. :)

For a start, I will share happenings last December.
We went to Greenhills shopping center together with my Tito’s, Mamu and Lolo Daddy. There’s a Christmas show and night market.


greenhills shopping center

This year’s show was fairy tale – Cinderella story inspired.

show at greenhills

And since I am little, and there’s a lot of people watching the show, my Daddy have to carry me on his shoulder.

daddy and me

I’m really heavy but he was able to carry me for a while. Of course he got tired too and have to put me down before the show ended.

Share your Daddy and kids moments… Join Daddy and Me Wednesday.

Daddy and Me Meme


Kids’ Style: White Polo

On January 1, we usually go to the Church at Taytay together with our relatives. Since, we are near the place we would just follow them there. This white polo shirt is a gift of my Godmother, Ninang Claudia, she had it shipped to our home before Christmas but I wasn’t able to open the gift until Christmas gift.

At first, mommy thought the polo was a bit big for me but when I tried it out it was just fine. A bit long but it still fits well. My mommy asked me to pose for her so she can take some photos.


And now for the wacky pose…

Kids’ Style: Little Angels

This is my first time to join Kids’ Style. The photos that I would be sharing is not really fashionable. These are from the Christmas presentation of my son’s class at the Family Day in their school. He was one of the angels and I was thinking what will I do for his costume. The teacher told us that we don’t have to buy anything, if the kids have white shirt and white shorts that would be fine. The important part of the costume are the angel’s wings and the halo. For the girls, it was easy, as white dress would be fine and they would look beautiful. I tried borrowing “sutana” but we can’t find something that would fit him. So, I just let my son wear while shirt and long pants.

Sleepy Angels

Smiling Angel

On the wings, I didn’t use the traditional cotton, my brother suggested that I use crepe paper and I agreed. He is more artistic that I am. And the result, the angel wings looks beautiful.

MM: Restaurants

My son’s loves eating in a restaurant but he is not really choosy with it. We can eat in a carinderia but we can eat in a fast food restaurant or a casual dining restaurant but his favorite is Lutong Macau in SM Megamall.  He favorite food there is Wanton Noodles. He could actually eat all the wanton and there are 5 of them and he loves the soup. But now, he is sad, because the store is now closed. I have no idea if it is just for renovation or it is permanently closed. He was asking me last night, that we should look for another branch of Lutong Macau. :)

mommy moments



BC Bloggers meme: How much time do you spend on Facebook?


This week’s topic for BC Blogger’s meme is the time we spent on Facebook. I would honestly say that once I was addicted to facebook. Before I joined facebook, my friends would ask me to join but I kept on saying no because I said I don’t want to be addicted with it but then Networked Blogs is connected to facebook and that’s the start of the facebook disease. :D I would spend around 10 hours a day in front of the PC and my facebook account is open all the time. I am busy cooking at Café world and harvesting at Farmville. I am also busy visiting my neighbors to check out their café and farm so I could get my own bonus. And I am maintaining two accounts, one for me and one for my son, both have café and farm. lol

December of last year, I started using facebook meaningfully. I joined a company wherein we sell different health products and one of our marketing ways is facebook. I started earning from facebook though a lot of time is still spent at FV and CW. But just two months ago, I stop going to my world and one month ago I seldom visit my Farm. It started when I got a part time job in an office and I can’t open my FB their. When I am at home, I would be busy promoting my products. I would say my FB time went a drastic fall to one to two hours per day. I would just open my three accounts, to share my products and to tag a few people so that they can see them.

Yes, I am now using Facebook to earn, most probably if you are on my friend list, I was able to tag you in one of my product photos. I hope you won’t get irritated, but it’s a way of spreading the word about our product, you might not need it, but maybe, someone in your friend list needs it. Do you want to earn at FB, just like me? Don’t hesitate to ask me. Hehehe. :)

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