Kids In Doodles: Clown’s Side Kick

Not like other kids, I am not afraid of clowns. They are part of every kid’s birthday celebration at my Daddy’s hometown. Even when I celebrated my first birthday, clowns are my guests. That’s why when I attended my classmate’s seventh birthday I volunteered as his “side kick” together with another kid when the clown asked for a volunteer.


JJ with clown


This was just a classic act wherein water would come out from the other openings of the body without getting wet. Like, water getting out of my ear while the other kid is pumping my hand. It was fun! My classmates and other guests were laughing so hard.


clown side kick


kids in doodles

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  1. cool! + what a brave kuya you are! + that trick looks much fun to do! i am not that much afraid of clowns either, especially when they are so fun to watch!

    thanks for joining k.i.d this week, remember to have 2 or more entries for this month to qualify for our little giveaway ^_^

  2. ahahhaha this is funny!! i love clowns but some clowns n na rerent pare parehas sila ng tricks and jokes kaya ayaw ko sa knila ahhaha pero pag umaattend kme ng party naaliw ako panoorin sila :D viisting sis sorry nsa SPAM lahat ng comments mo :(

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