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Maya Angelou also known as Marguerite Ann Johnson is an American author and poet. Her autobiographical books are very popular especially the book titled I know Why the Caged Bird Sings which tells about the first seventeen years of her life. It gave her international recognition. There are also a lot of Maya Angelou quotes which are very inspirational and talks about life, relationship, family, love and other topics. Here is one quote that I will leave to you. “We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.”

BC Bloggers meme: How much time do you spend on Facebook?


This week’s topic for BC Blogger’s meme is the time we spent on Facebook. I would honestly say that once I was addicted to facebook. Before I joined facebook, my friends would ask me to join but I kept on saying no because I said I don’t want to be addicted with it but then Networked Blogs is connected to facebook and that’s the start of the facebook disease. :D I would spend around 10 hours a day in front of the PC and my facebook account is open all the time. I am busy cooking at Café world and harvesting at Farmville. I am also busy visiting my neighbors to check out their café and farm so I could get my own bonus. And I am maintaining two accounts, one for me and one for my son, both have café and farm. lol

December of last year, I started using facebook meaningfully. I joined a company wherein we sell different health products and one of our marketing ways is facebook. I started earning from facebook though a lot of time is still spent at FV and CW. But just two months ago, I stop going to my world and one month ago I seldom visit my Farm. It started when I got a part time job in an office and I can’t open my FB their. When I am at home, I would be busy promoting my products. I would say my FB time went a drastic fall to one to two hours per day. I would just open my three accounts, to share my products and to tag a few people so that they can see them.

Yes, I am now using Facebook to earn, most probably if you are on my friend list, I was able to tag you in one of my product photos. I hope you won’t get irritated, but it’s a way of spreading the word about our product, you might not need it, but maybe, someone in your friend list needs it. Do you want to earn at FB, just like me? Don’t hesitate to ask me. Hehehe. :)

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Flashback: Attending trade show

I was browsing the pictures on my cellphone when I saw pictures of my son taken months ago. It was pictures taken in a trade show event wherein my brother’s school was a participant. The theme for the event was Good Agricultural Practices: Key to Competitiveness. I remembered this happened, October last year and it was planned very well by the organizers, because upon entrance it already showed nice trade show carpet and the registration setup were good. It already made a good impression.

The participants have their own way of making their booths attractive to the visitors. Some has TV to show their products, others have food tasting, and still others has mascots that roam around the place. And every time my son finds a mascot he would ask me to take pictures of him. I think the furniture, flooring, and other things needed for this kind of event should be very durable so that they can use it again in another event but at the same time it should be beautiful and customize that would suit the participant’s and guests’ needs.

Happy Birthday Tito RJ!

It’s my uncle’s birthday today, he is my mommy’s youngest brother. I fondly call him “To J” short for Tito RJ. We fight sometimes, he tease me a lot and I cry most of the time, but still I love my Tito RJ. And here’s our gift for him, the cake while the grahams dessert was prepared by my mother.


Mr. Men and Little Miss

Mommy said, Google is celebrating the 76th birthday of Mr. Roger Hargreaves. Mommy said he is a popular author and illustrator of children’s story book called Mr. Men and Little Miss. I don’t really know who he is and I haven’t read any of his stories, but I think google’s illustrations of the characters are really cute and interesting I hope she find this storybook at the bookstore so she can buy me even just one book. Anyway, here are some of Google’s own version of Mr. Men and Little Miss:

Mr. Funny

Mr. Tickle

Mr. Rush

Little Miss Chatterbox

Mr. Messy

Mommy Moments: Black and White

I, my mom and my uncles were talking about Kung Fu Panda today, so this is my share for this week’s Mommy Moments. I really liked this movie and I watched it several times already in our DVD. Actually, I also plays this on the PS2 from time to time. We are all excited for the second installment of the movie that’s why we were talking about it.

This chubby panda has a good heart and is really funny, that’s why I still laugh when I watch this and even just by thinking of him
The picture below is taken from Heaven’s gate and I am with my Tito Jhon Paul, whom I usually call Tito Po-Paul. We were just spending one afternoon at Heaven’s gate visiting my Great Grandmother.

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