Mommy Moments: Grandparents

Jerome James grew up on his paternal grand parents. They were the ones who took care of him while I and my husband are in the office. Though he is not the first grandchild, He is the only grand son that’s why his grandparents are so fond of him. From birth my mother-in-law already assisted me in taking care of my little boy. And I am thankful for her because she really takes good care of my son. I would often tease my husband that my son is the favorite “apo” because sometimes their actions show it. JJ calls her Mama and him Papa, just like the way we call them. Mama was the one who accompanied my son in school when he was in nursery and kinder that’s why whenever there’s activity like Christmas party and field trip we would let her come with us too. The picture below was taken in a field trip at Enchanted Kingdom.

"mama" & me

Here’s a picture of JJ and Papa. I am really happy that they love my son so much but I hope they won’t spoil him too much too.

"papa" & me

To see pictures of JJ with my parents, just click here. This is my share for:

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  1. Your son has a doting grandma. He’s lucky because his grandma looks after him like her own son, and you’re lucky, too, because you can count on her anytime. I hope you can visit my entry, too, Mommy! Thanks!

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