Happy 10th Birthday Jerome!

Posted February 5th, 2015 by Marose

My baby is growing up so fast.
Today, marks his 10th Birthday.
He is a Big boy now.
He is no longer a baby but will remain my baby.


Happy Birthday Jerome James!
May you continue to be a good boy. I hope you study harder! I love you so much!

X-MEN: Days of Future Past

Posted May 12th, 2014 by jeromejames

I am a fan of X-men so I am excited for the new X-men movie but of course, I want to watch this with my son or maybe my with my wife.

The X-Men send Wolverine to the past in a desperate effort to change history and prevent an event that results in doom for both humans and mutants.

The question is “What would you correct from your past to save the future?” In real life, we really can’t go back to change the past so we can save the future. Thinking about the future of everyone on earth, I would like to change the mindset of the people when it comes to cleaning and maintaining the environment. I wish we were all disciplined enough to throw garbage on the proper places and learn to recycle things instead of throwing it away, so that disasters like floods killing a lot of people would not happen. Taking care of the environment in the past would surely save our future.

Daddy MJ

Save space with mounts

Posted July 27th, 2013 by jeromejames

Standsandmounts.com flat panel mounts can make a big difference for your flat screens as part of your interior décor. They no longer need to take up floor space or table top area and give a contemporary ambiance in any room. Some of the most popular mounts that may be available for up to 15 inch screens as well as up to 52 inches and larger are:

• Low profile wall mounts
• Cantilever and swing-out mounts
• Tilt and pivot mounts
• Ceiling mounts

Low profile mounts for flat screens hide behind the screen displaying a minimal amount of hardware. The screen needs to be mounted at the right place for good viewing because these mounts do not tilt.

Swing out and cantilever mounts offer a lot of adjustment flexibility. The screen can be shifted to almost any required good viewing angle for anywhere in the room. This type of flat screen mount is ideal for small rooms where there isn’t much space or rooms where the screen will be mounted in a corner.

Tilt mounts are best for places where the screen may need to be adjusted at different times of the day or for different audiences. They are suitable for restaurants, bars, schools, conference rooms as well as private homes.

Ceiling mounts are also idea for places where space is at a minimum. They are suitable for commercial settings and are available with fixed or adjustable heights and tilt and swivel options.

There are many other options for flat screen mounts including outdoor mounts and multiple display mounts.

Fun Time with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Posted July 27th, 2013 by jeromejames

While we are at the mall, I just saw this teenage mutant ninja turtles where I can take picture. So I went at the back, peeked at the hole and asked mom to take a picture of me. I don’t usually do this on other characters but I am really fond of the mutant ninja turtles, so here I am.

My Face fits perfectly! LOL

it’s me


Posted July 25th, 2013 by jeromejames

When many people think of the brand name Electrolux, they picture the sturdy vacuum cleaners. They’d not be wrong, but the brand name items extend into many more areas than just appliances to clean floor coverings.

The kitchen is no stranger to household cleaners and Electrolux accessories at Electrolux-store.com, and other outlets, for example. Counters, stove tops, refrigerators and more should be not only clean for healthy use but also sanitized. Unfortunately, for too many decades, consumers have been brainwashed that only harsh chemicals are capable of this important task.

Fortunately, not only has that brainwashing been enjoying a reversal of late, more people around the globe are embracing eco-friendly and safe products that cleanse areas that people touch and on which they prepare food items. Electrolux is proud to present a line of “green,” earth-friendly products that both preserve our natural resources and ofter safe solutions to cleaning problems.

When attention turns from cleanliness to convenience, health is not left by the wayside. Accessories such as water filters that separate heavy and potentially harmful and distasteful elements out of the water you drink or use in cooking, laundry and bathing not only allow the water to taste better but also make it healthier, a benefit that cannot be ignored.

Whether you want effective cleansers, durable appliances like those vacuum cleaners or laundry equipment, don’t forget the reliable and affordable accessories that enhance the Electrolux experience.